⚠️ Vue CLI is in Maintenance Mode!

For new projects, it is now recommended to use create-vue to scaffold Vite-based projects. Also refer to the Vue 3 Tooling Guide for the latest recommendations.


This document covers some common Vue CLI issues and how to resolve them. You should always follow these steps before opening a new issue.

Running installation with sudo or as root

If you install @vue/cli-service as root user or with sudo, there might be issues when running package postinstall scripts.

This is a security feature of npm. You should always avoid running npm with root privileges because install scripts can be unintentionally malicious.

If you must however, you can workaround this error by setting the --unsafe-perm flag of npm. This can be done by prefixing the command with an environment variable, i.e.

npm_config_unsafe_perm=true vue create my-project

If there're dependencies installed by npm link or yarn link, ESLint (and sometimes Babel as well) may not work properly for those symlinked dependencies. It is because webpack resolves symlinks to their real locations by default, thus breaks ESLint / Babel config lookup.

A workaround for this issue is to manually disable symlinks resolution in webpack:

// vue.config.js
module.exports = {
  chainWebpack: (config) => {


Disabling resolve.symlinks may break hot module reloading if your dependencies are installed by third-party npm clients that utilized symbolic links, such ascnpm or pnpm.